June 27, 2018, 4:32 a.m.


Happy birthday mari! I wish I could say I loved you from the start, but well, that isn’t true. In fact, I hated you at the start (well actually i didn't hate you, but it was close to that!). When I started the anime, I had only seen your engrish and thought you were annoying. I had taken a break from the anime after just those few first episodes, so I hadn’t seen much of you yet. After a long time, I watched more, and the third years arc started, showing me more of you. I saw more of you, and with that saw more of your personality. You became more than just “the annoying girl” and started to rise in my list. Then the episode happened where you revealed your feelings to Kanan, and I realized how similar we were. The fact that you cared so much about your friends, about aqours, was similar to me! That’s when I first started liking you, and after the anime finished, I loved you even more. I had started watching the streams, and the concerts, and realized I loved your voice actor, Ainya. Her fun personality and amazing singing voice became a reason why I loved you more.

And although you’ve only really blessed me with ssrs and srs, they’re some of my favorite cards! I really felt so blessed when your Halloween ssr came home, it’s one of my dream ssrs. And although you haven’t given me a ur, I hope someday you’ll bless me, even once!

And here is all my merch of you, including my handmade string art of your image symbol (which is the cutest and fits you so well) I don’t have a lot, but I try my hardest to show off all my love!!

And you’ve also been a lot of my firsts, Mari. Not only were you my first nesoberi, but also a lot of my firsts in cosplaying.

Your guilty kiss outfit was the first ever cosplay I made, and although it isn’t the best, I loved putting my heart into making it, and showing my love for you!

photos taken by my friend kittykatphotograph (check out her insta! shes also an amazing cosplayer as well as photographer)

And although it isn’t done, I’m making your My Mai Tonight outfit to show off my love for you too! I’m putting a lot of time and work into it, but I think it’ll be worth it! For you <3

I had also bought my dream cosplay of yours, from my favorite set and ur of yours, for my birthday. Valentines v1! I had always loved the outfit, and how cute you looked in it, so when I saw it on sale around my birthday, I had to buy it!!

And last but not least, here is my cake I made last night for you! Since your favorite foods are lemon and coffee, and I didn’t have lemons, I made you a mini coffee cake with a hint of chocolate! It tastes great, and I think you’d love it~

Thank you for being there for me Mari, I love you so much, and I wish I could explain my feelings more, as I don’t think this covers it. Just know, I’ll always support you and everything you do, as well as Ainya herself. Have a happy birthday Mari!! MariBirthdayGiveaway2018