July 3, 2018, 6:37 a.m.

THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME! IT’S TIME FOR THE SHINIEST DAY OF THE YEAR! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY SHINY DAUGHTER, MARI OHARA! (I’ve drawn this, especially for this occasion! I hope you like it!)

So let me tell you a story about LL Sunshine, Mari and myself. I joined the LL community around the time of u’s final live (T_T) so I was really happy when I learned about Sunshine! I was relieved that the franchise will go on with beautiful new girls! And omg how beautiful they are! When they released the teaser with the girls with the ocean in the background I already loved the concept. And the first thing I noticed? This dork on the side! Such a cheerful, genki girl! I immediately fell in love with her! I mean…she’s beautiful. Those blonde locks of hair swaying in the wind, those shiny eyes full of life! Recently I cut my hair and dyed it blonde so could look a bit more like Mari! And I hope they gave a rise to the illustrator at Dengeki G’s who made her super thicc! Look at her! Look at her thigs! She. Is. So. Sexy! (I’m so gay for her, help.) And honestly what I like the most about Mari is her personality. She is a complex character, she feels so real! She has been through so many things! At the beginning she didn’t feel like she could become a school idol, then she tried and failed with Dia and Kanan. On top of that, she had to move. She had to leave behind everything she knew in her life! That must have been so hard, so frustrating, so lonely! But she came back and fought for her friendship with her old friends. And she made new ones, too! She might be a dork, but she is actually a serious girl who would do anything for her friends! She is such a strong and hard-working person. She fought for the school until the last moment! I really look up on her for having such a will. And when they couldn’t save the school she accepted it, and as the head of the school, she made sure that everybody had the time of their lives on the last day! She accepted reality and made the best of it. You have to be really mature for this. Mari is truly a role model for all girls her age and maybe some adults, too! I know she is a big role model for me! That’s why…dear Mari, Happy Birthday!

I’d like to show off my Mari team! I have so many SSRs, but no UR yet…Mari pls love me back >< On a similar note, here's my Mari collection! That’s it, guys! Good luck with the "MariBirthdayGiveaway2018" everybody! <3 Stay SHINY!