June 17, 2018, 9:25 p.m.

I apologize in advance for the long post! [Feel free to skip to the end for some edits, art and song cover!] Image Happy birthday Nozomi!!! It’s been a whole three years since I first watched the series and fell in love with you for the first time.

‘Why Nozomi though?’ you may ask. Honestly, I relate to Nozomi so much that I instantly felt a truly spiritual connection towards her. Allow me to explain further:

Why I love her: Nozomi is such an outgoing and friendly character from the very start. She jumps in to support and help the group as much as she can before eventually convincing Eli to join alongside her completing the group. Without her help Muse wouldn’t be Muse. Only Nozomi could possibly come up with such a perfect name. Image Nozomi is the glue of the group setting her own needs aside to jump in and help her friends (something I find myself doing quite a bit). As long as she can help each one of the members to be happy and accept themselves for who they are, she is happy. She’s so selfless and I find that such an admirable part of her character. Image What really struck me is that Nozomi used to be a lone wolf. Due to moving around quite a bit she couldn’t make friends and so spent a lot of time by herself until she met Eli and eventually the rest of Muse. Like myself, she is an awkward person and total weirdo which she only manages to truly accept after making these friends. Nozomi never gave up hope and as a result, she is surrounded by friends. Personally, I am the youngest of my friend group and last year the majority of them graduated and are in college. The first few months of the year were painful but Nozomi inspired me not to give up! Image

Unfortunately, I don’t have any Nozomi merch thanks to my extremely limited access to online shopping and conventions and due to both exams and pooling in the AC box for her (I got limited Eli instead), I didn't get to scout as much as last year (If you are interested I got a single SR pull with Fruits Nozomi), but hopefully that'll change next year! However, for now, I have a different way of showing my love towards best girl. Through the medium of art! (And hopefully a song cover will also be added once I recover some lost audio!)

Some edits from oldest to newest Image Image Image And a new edit, I'll add the background too eventually Image

And some original art Image Image Image

UPDATE: It's up guys!!! My English cover and lyric video for Otohime Heart de Love Kyuuden! Fun Fact- The SR shown in the video was my very first SR or above Nozomi card! The start of what is now a bit of a larger collection of SRs and SSRs (and hopefully one day URs!) Image To this day I still have the rare of her that I began my account with!

I wish I could have done more for my dear spiritual goddess but I’m actually in the middle of exams right now so hopefully this will suffice! Happy birthday my dearest Nozomi!!!