May 6, 2018, 7:54 p.m.

China with You-Chan


Hello Everyone! Or as they say in China, Da Jia Hao! About one year ago You-chan said that she very interested in China. This made me so happy because I was interested as well as a Chinese person myself. So I made a promise to take her to China and visit all of the things she wanted see.


Here she is on my backpack ready for anything

WallOne WallTwo

”We’re going to walk the whole wall... Ready?”

WarriorsOne WarriorsTwo

”Wow, they all really do look different”

FunOne FunTwo

”So cute!”


”These are almost too cute to eat! Almost...”

I have lots more photos too if anyone wants to see. Also, I painted this the night before we left; it’s a great lock screen.


Best wishes to the best girl. Love you, You.