April 24, 2018, 5:46 a.m.

Umi... Umi... Umi, Where do I even start with expressing my love for her?

Snow Halation Umi

I wholeheartedly don't think I'll get anything in this giveaway since I'm not particularly good at expressing my love for her in anything more than caps lock screaming and thousands of images. But I'm purely making not just for the giveaway, but some more people love her too. I want more people to appreciate Umi

Sleepy Umi

Everyone claims Umi as the "mature but shy childhood friend archetype" at first glance but she is so... so much more than that! Umi has so many layers to her character even though she never even got a focus episode, her development overtime was something that no one should overlook. She is always so worried that she'll do something wrong, she is shy around strangers and doesn't really even know how to talk to them! But once she is around her friends she seems almost diplomatic, she is an amazing, hard working leader. Not once has Umi ever said anything that seems like she was out to be rude or to be ruthless and to make the others bow down to her insane schedules, she is doing it because she cares - maybe even a tad too much haha.

Pure Umi

When I first watched love live, as cliche as it sounds it was a pretty bad time for me, and I fell in love with Umi at first sight, she made me so happy. She is my comfort character. There was something about her that always kept me watching, I wanted to know how she was thinking, feeling and acting in situations. I wanted to understand her, because she felt like me. Not in a strict way, I mean - I'm the biggest doormat on the planet... but because despite her outer demeanour she is shy, she is scared and she most importantly tried to take care of her emotions (being too nervous, or playing cards and getting competitive ect). Personally, I feel like she is the most realistic out of all the girls. And I love her for that. She is pretty flawed but isn't that what makes a character great?

Embarrassed Umi

At first she was frightened to become an idol because she thought it wasn't something she COULD do, she was against it but she really did want to help Honoka and Kotori, that's always her priority ever since she joined in a game of tag with them, despite being very nervous. but overtime she grew to love it even more, obviously with some downs like when she couldn't hand out flyers because of the confrontation (so relatable, haha I love you Umi) but then when Eli said that μ's were amateurs, she defended them! She said that they're trying all they can and that she had no right to say that about them! She went from being nervous to join, to defending them against a higher power, this being the student council president

Defending μ's Umi

I look up to Umi. She is shy, but strong. People don't look at her as a joke, they look up to her too! She is intelligent and don'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HOW ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS SHE IS ALONG WITH THIS. She isn't a doormat, but she cares for others a lot, she cares about how they'll react to her, but she wants to help her friends and push them forward! Even though at first she was the one who needed the most pushing!

More Umi

Also, Her voice is so smoothing and beautiful, its so, SO pretty! Mimori Suzuko's AMAZING work on her got me interested in Mimori! I'm even a Mimori fan now XD

I love Umi so much, I don't know who I'd be if I didn't watch Love Live and fall for her

Here are some Umi things!

My first Cosplay was cafe maid Umi (no photos because I'm embarrassed...) but I still cosplay her often! (Top 2 images were for valentines and the 3 bottom are for her birthday!) I honestly don't have much self confidence, I'm very self conscious... BUT when I cosplay Umi I feel proud and happy with myself! I don't really know why, but Umi once again has helped me break out of my shell a tad

Blushy Vday Umi

Happy Vday Umi

Cat Birthday Umi

Beanie Umi

Smug vamp Umi

Even though she never comes home in UR form when I try with hundreds of gems, but she comes home when I least expect it all the time ;0; I got her Circus from a scouting ticket, and her Little Devil from the random Christmas scout box during Christmas!

She did not disappoint

Im still crying

EN Umi Team

JP Umi team

But I guess I'll just be cursed to never get her when I try :,)

I also did some art for her birthday! Her fairy SR is my favourite SR of hers, so I had to draw it!

Umi Birthday Art

I also have a small shrine for her! Though it's mainly prize figures... I hope to save for her more expensive ones in the future ;0;

Umi Shirine

Ok! That's about it! I love Umi so much, I hope this is enough to express it... thank you Umi. I this post isn't very unique, but nonetheless, It's my way of loving Umi! And thank you School Idol Tomodachi for this giveaway!

Bokuhika Umi