June 16, 2018, 4:27 p.m.


I'm bad at expressing my thoughts so let's just go straight to it~

First on the list, a drawing!


But that's... not enough. At least for me. I want to make something special for you. Something worthy of your beauty and grace. So, I made live2d models from your story sprite and some of your URs because they are just so dreamy~

umi_angel umi_marine umi_laugh umi_cafe_maid

felt really bad not finishing this one in time
these took literally 2 months cause i dont know anything about photoshop or animating sweats
more in comments

Next, lovegem offerings to the sif gods! Its too many screenshots though... but I can say, no URs... but idolized a lot of SRs and enough dupe SSRs to get all my umi SSRs to skill level 4. It's ok~ after all, you gave me 2 of your URs just a few weeks ago, and you have blessed me with your cards since I first started the game~ Not many people can say that they are blessed by their best girl, so I'm happy that I am able to say that ❤️

As for merch, it's not a lot but i hope it'll grow eventually~


My love for you will always be as large as the wide open sea~ and I would scream it to the world~ Here's to another year with you ;)