Feb. 18, 2018, 11:52 p.m.

Happy Birthday, Kanan! My friend messaged me about this event and I knew I had to also show my love for Kanan! I quickly went to work to finish this for Kanan's birthday!

I wasn't originally big into Love Live, but hearing Kanan sing Happy Party train, I instantly fell in love! I got interested and then invested in the anime and games. She was the one who got me into the series and I'm happy that she did. Without Kanan, I wouldn't have met the great LLSIF community with its fan art, memes, dance groups, other idol groups and beautiful music.

What I love about Kanan is first her voice. She has a unique and powerful voice that made me fall for her instantly. Second, I love her appearance. Her color palette is super cute and goes well together! I love her long ponytail and beautiful purple eyes too. another reason I love Kanan is her personality, character, and relatability. She's kind, motherly, and just wants the best for her friends. I feel the same way as well, I just want the best for my friends as well, even if it hurts me. I may be foolish, but I can be a fool with Kanan. Thank you, Kanan! Thank you for being my best girl, and for making everything possible. I can't wait to draw Kanan next year!