June 6, 2018, 11:03 p.m.


Happy birthday to the wonderful Kanan Matsuura ♡

shrine closeup1 closeup2

I'm not very good with words, but Kanan is my favorite character in the entire LL franchise due to her very cute and caring, but sometimes serious personality and her overall beautiful design! Kanan is actually the love live character that got me truly back into the SIF after a 1-2 year on and off hiatus. Despite starting a few months after launch in 2014, I honestly got burnt out and less interested in SIF many times due to lack of interest and bad scouts. It was only after I watched the LL Sunshine anime that I really had an urge to play again, and after the 4.0 update where Aqours was added in EN, I started playing regularly and haven't taken a break since.


The highest rank I have ever gotten in an event was #7 in the KanaMaru Score match! I had never even top 10, nor top 100 before this event. Since I had lots of time due to reading week and being very sick, I decided to go all out for my best girl Kanan! Honestly, this was not tiring for me, it was a really fun experience since I actually enjoy score match, and I wanted to tier hard for Kanan at least once <3. I have tier 1 for all her events, but I wanted to do my best and get even higher!


I made it a goal to try and get every Kanan card in the game! So far, I have almost all of her cards that are available on EN except job kanan (who continues to evade me) and her autumn viewing SR.

Happy Birthday Kanan ♡ !!!