Aug. 6, 2018, 5:23 p.m.

hanayo gif do it for hanayo

Happy Birthday Hanayo! You have been my best girl ever since I saw you and you are who got me into the Love Live series. I adore you a lot and think about you everyday. You always manage to cheer me up, even on my worst days. And I'm so grateful to have you as my best girl! (Seriously I sometimes cry because I love you so much and everyone irl is starting to get annoyed by me mentioning I love you everyday ^^;). May you have a wonderful birthday! I'm so glad to see many others celebrate your birthday too, because you can never get enough love.^^ I decided to give you a lot of your favorite food, rice. :)

hanayo figures

I also have a self made Hanayo keychain:

hanayo charm hanayo charm

And, I also made a Hanayo gifset that I posted to my tumblr:

(I also have a lot of beautiful Hanayo art in my room but other people made it so I feel like it's unfair to add them here, but I just wanted to let you guys know that my life is made up of Hanayo love like... gosh I love her so much...!)


Hey everyone, here's an edit to this post I made a bit later. I saw everyone writing pages of why they love Hanayo, and I'm starting to feel weird about not having done the same. But to be honest, my reason for that are some mental issues and struggles that have been going on in my life. Now I didn't want to write this at first, because I really don't want to get likes for "being sad", this post is purely about my love for Hanayo.

I first saw her on Tumblr (September 2015), somebody posted a picture of orange Hanayo and I thought she looked cute. I started the anime and downloaded llsif that same day. It was like love at first sight, and nowadays she feels like this close friend or daughter to me (I'm only 17 though haha). I've always enjoyed everything about her. Her voice, her sweet song Nawatobi, her looks, her adorable shyness, her shared love for food (I'm guilty for eating more rice now), and so, so much more. She seriously means a lot to me and she has helped me a lot. I'm not saying this for attention, and if it seems like it please tell me and I'll remove this part of the post. But I have depression, I've had it since the ending of 2014. But Hanayo still manages to cheer me up, she even helped me take a little bit better care of myself and helped me with being less hard on myself. And I will be forever grateful for her. She still cheers me up everyday. And even if it seems silly, sometimes I have really bad thoughts and it's like Hanayo pops up and reminds me that she would want me to feel better and that I deserve better than these bad things. Hanayo is litteraly the purest girl. And I really hope, that she helps others in similar ways. That she cheers on and motivates others too. The "Do it for her" edit I made above, I made when I was going through an even harder time and needed motivation. I put it as my iPad and phone background, and it really helped. I seriously love Hanayo so much, and I love all of you who appreciate her and share your love for her too. I hope everyone who sees this has a nice day, and may you all have a little positive Hanayo that helps you through your hardest days.:)❤