Aug. 5, 2018, 5:23 p.m.

Oh precious Pana, I wish you such a wonderful birthday! HanayoBirthdayGiveaway

Hanayo is my all time favorite Love live! girl, there I said it. I mean it so much! She really is such a wonderful member to Muse especially.

From the first time I started EN SIF when it got released, I had such an inkling for the little rice ball. The short hair, the constant shyness and the love for food!(Rice especially). It wasn't until I watched the first season of LL! that my love for her truly blossomed. You see, I am very much drawn to characters I am similar too. Growing up in life, through school and outside events I was always a quiet and shy girl. I never spoke much, I was afraid of being close with people and I had such a huge amount of love for a hobby(like hers with idols, mine lied with anime and Japanese culture.) Each episode I yearned to see just a glimpse of best girl. Her friendship with Rin only reminded me of the friendship I had with my best friend, naturally accepting who they are and understanding them better than anyone. There is so much to love about her! How much she loves animals, food, idols, dancing, Rin, helping her teammates! I love Hanayo because she is me, and I find joy in each talent she has and all the courage she pushes her through with the entire group. She was also too nervous to join the group until Rin and Maki helped her through it, I too have missed many opportunities to enjoy the things I loved due to being nervous.

My favorite cards of her in game are Christmas Carol, Halloween and Cherry promo card. I always make sure to save enough gems to scout for her, especially on her birthday. And although I am now retiring from LLSIF I will still religiously follow all her future cards to see how beautiful my rice queen becomes.

I also have a huge love for the Taisho set, I even cosplayed this card! I love putting on her wig because it feels so amazing to see the character come alive. alt text

I aspire to be as courageous as Hanayo as I grow older in my years, and admire everything she has done. I'm so glad all of us rice balls can celebrate our favorite rice queen's birthday! Thank you all for making this such an amazing journey!