Jan. 4, 2018, 7:30 p.m.

Final Edit: All "missing gift" reports should be reported by January 6th!

After talking it with the mods, we have decided that if your recipient didn't share your gift, you are free to share it on here! Everyone's work deserves to be recognized. We wanted to wait a bit before deciding this, and now we feel that the period of time until now was enough to determine whether or not people would post. Secret Tomodachis, happy posting! We hope you get a lot of recognition and acknowledgement for the work that you did!


Hello, and welcome to the last post of Secret Tomodachi 2017. While there were some bumps along the way, we made it. As we conclude Secret Tomodachi, we have some things to share;

  • Feedback form: As you all know, we are an extremely small group that handled about 300 applicants this year. We've come up with some ideas and criticism, but we would also like to know how you guys felt/what you felt like needs to be changed. You can fill it out here.

  • "I'm missing my gift" form: The form you need to fill out if you haven't received your gift yet. It's all really self explanatory. Assuming that everything you have is accurate AND you fill it out correctly, we will find who your Secret Tomodachi is and we will HOUND THEM. You can fill out this form here. And of course, once you fill this out, you will be given a gift from a new Secret Tomodachi!

  • "I want to help make multiple gifts" form: Firstly, thank you so much for stepping up to help! To all people who have said they are able to make multiple gifts, please fill out this form! This applies to both people who have decided now they would like to help, as well as people who have previously messaged me saying they want to help. This will help keep things in check. After verifying, we will send you a PM to the Discord server. While tedious, it helps to weed out the lurkers and keep those who actually want to help. // There was a minor mistake on our part on this form, but it's fixed now! To those that have applied, please re-submit again!

To be frank, we are tired of people not messaging their recipient because 1 They cannot find their recipient's account 2 They went on vacation and didn't bother telling us 3 They thought that it was supposed to be sent out later than the original date, December 23rd 4 They had some sort of illness/accident that came up 5 They joined solely for the intent of getting a gift and not making one for someone else. As a result, we have decided that once we obtain a list of gift-less people, these people, depending on their circumstances, will not be allowed to participate next year, or even in future Secret Tomodachis.

We know that there are going to be a few common complaints, such as: You guys started too late! You guys are so disorganized! Your staff team is so small! You guys are too lenient on people who flake out!

We understand. I changed the layout and organization of Secret Tomodachi this year, and while it might not seem like it's any different, it has actually improved the work behind the scenes. Which is why we will be making a Discord server next year. We have yet to make it, but in the future we will be making one so that way it's more easier to access information, and we can easily hound people that haven't sent their gift out yet. This Discord server, if it goes as planned, will solve many of the problems I've had this year and last year.

Let's end on a positive note- everyone that shared their gift MySecretTomodachi was so beautiful and wonderful! It's really nice to see all of the artists on here- I didn't know there were so many creative and artistic people here! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ The site really has a lot of talented people. We hope to see you again next year!