Dec. 22, 2017, 10:18 a.m.


It’s that time of the year again! Last year turned out great, and hopefully things will be easier this year. Here are the rules, with the FAQ in the comment section. (if you’re reading this and the comment section is flooded, change it so that you sort the comment by oldest, that way my FAQ pops up at the top.) Some things have been changed from last year, so if you’ve done this before take a quick scan before submitting! (If you don't want to read the whole entire post, a link to all of the info is here

  1. Fill out this Google Form.

  2. We will generate a random person for you to be a secret tomodachi for. For example, if we generate A’s name for B, then B will have to do something related to A’s best girls.

  3. We will PM people their person as soon as possible. When you receive a PM, please send a message back indicating that you’ve received a message. A simple “got it” will suffice. However, the last day you can sign up is December 16th. Those that sign up any later will not be included in the data. In addition to this, the last day you can opt out/make any changes is December 20th. IF YOU ARE GOING TO OPT OUT PLEASE PM ASAP. We don’t need to know why, but we do need to know you can’t participate in it.

  4. There will be occasional posts regarding the progress of Secret Tomodachi. Typically they are about how many people have been pm’d and how many more need to be done, but there are times where some people aren’t paired. Additionally, there may be cases in which a user can’t be found. A list of those who have yet to reply back will be included in a progress post- if you happen to be one of these users, contact us ASAP.

  5. Since everyone is doing different things on the week of Christmas, send your Christmas present on December 23rd by PMing your user their gift via PM on SIT! Your person’s profile will be given, so that way you can simple type this into the search bar of your web browser:

  6. This year, we are also opening up physical gifts! We do expect shipping to be paid out of the wallet of the shipper; however whether you want to stay national or go international is up to you. We will do our best to find people within the same country. To be clear: the person who is shipping out the gift is the one who pays, not the one who is receiving the gift. People who send physical gifts should be over 18/guardians give you the OK if you’re a minor.

  7. FOR THOSE WHO FEEL AS THOUGH THEY LACK ARTISTIC SKILL: you do not need to be good at art if you want to participate. We allow anything creative, such as making edits, writing a story, or even composing a song! Anything is fair game- if you have something else in mind besides drawing/editing/writing, please ask in the comments below. This is supposed to take time and dedication, and your work should reflect that. These are the typical requirements:

  • Drawings should be at least 1000x1000. Chibis should have a lot of a detail in them, or there be multiple drawings. For example, a 1200x1500 canvas of Umi will work. These drawings should also have a background. They do not need to be flashy or much at all, even a simple geometric pattern works.

  • Many people like to do edits. If you are planning to do an edit where you change the character (i.e. kotori transparent -> chika transparent) I ask that you make 4.

  • A typical edit like these requires 3.

  • If you make an edit that includes the background (full SSR/UR edits) you only need to make one, since they are quite tedious. Please make sure that it is very detailed- no stray marks, not just a simple recoloring, add shading if need be, etc. The final card should look like it's an actual UR/SSR card, and the resolution of the girl/card should be of the highest quality.

  • Writing pieces should have a minimum of 2000 words, with proper grammar and spelling. If you need someone to review/edit/ask for advice in regards to your writing, pm be able to help with that.

  • If you would like to negotiate, then that’s fine. Just ask if what you plan to do is okay.

When you receive your gift, make an activity about it! We want to see the gifts everyone gets! Use the tag #MySecretTomodachi in your post- we’ll have a banner that showcases every post!

Any further questions, please send a PM! We are glad to help.


11/26/2017: Here is a sheet created to see our progress on who has to be done, what has beeen done, and who's removed.

11/29/2017: Established "ship by" date as December 9th. Set price limit to maximum of 30 USD, excluding shipping and tax.


  • You can only sign up to make a digital gift and receive a digital gift OR make a physical gift and receive a physical gift. Those that sign up to make digital gift but want to receive a digital gift will receive a PM telling them they will receive a digital gift, regardless of what they signed up tor receive.

  • Additionally, established that the last day to sign up for physical gifts is December 9th, in order to ensure packages will be delivered around December 23rd, if possible. Changed "ship by" date to December 15th. This means you need to send us evidence that you have sent out the gift by December 15th.

12/17/2017: Just read the post here