Nov. 27, 2017, 3:27 a.m.

11-26 Update: Winners announced!

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LoveLive! MINI CHEFS World Cup 2017

How to enter?

  1. Head to your kitchen and get ready to bake the cutest cake, the most mouth-watering pizza, the fluffiest pancakes, or any other delicious-looking food of your choice!
  2. Decorate it to make it Love Live! themed, as shiny as our sparkling idols!
  3. Take 1 or more pictures of your creation.
  4. Upload the picture(s) to imgur or any other file-sharing website.
  5. Login to School Idol Tomodachi or register if you're not already (it takes less than 30 seconds!). Make sure you also add your game account.
  6. Go to your profile and scroll to your game account, then click on "Post your own activity".
  7. Copy-paste this and replace URL with the URL of the pictures you previously uploaded. ![](URL) LoveLiveMiniChefsWorldCup2017 . You can add ![](URL) multiple times to add multiple pictures!
  8. You may write anything else in your activity, but make sure you include the official hashtag for the event!
  9. Once your activity is posted, scroll back to where you created it to open it.
  10. You have until November 21st 1 AM UTC to share the URL on your social media and with all your friends to get as many likes as you can!
  11. The winners will be the activities with the most likes.
  12. Our staff team and our team of artists will also pick 2 winners.

Vote for your favorite entries

  1. Make sure you have an account on School Idol Tomodachi and you're logged in
  2. See all the entries here!
  3. Hit the "Like" button to support your favorite entries. You can like as many entries as you want!
  4. To see the total number of likes an entry has, click "Write comment", which will take you to the view of the entry only and you'll see the likes and comments there.

Delicious prizes

  • 1 winner will get a box of kuru kuru mikan roll cakes. Contains 10 cakes, with one for each Aqours member.

  • 3 winners will get an Aqours wafer Episode Selection with a random collectible card

  • 1 winner will get an Aqours wafer Sticker Selection with a 2nd year random sticker

  • 1 winner will get an Aqours wafer Sticker Selection Halloween Special with a 2nd year random sticker

  • 1 winner will get an Aqours wafer Sticker Selection Halloween Special with a 1st year random sticker

  • 1 winner will get an Aqours bottle of water from Numazu (we will ask you to check if your country accepts water before shipping it to you)

I really wanted to send you one of these delicious noppo giraffe bread that Hanamaru loves, but these are made fresh and wouldn't be good anymore when they arrive to you. Instead, I found a noppo official keychain! This prize is not edible, but I guess it's still food-themed?

  • 1 winner will get a noppo bread keychain of Riko


Your entries are all so beautiful and all of you took a lot of time to make them, so I want to make sure you all get something. Here are some extra prizes for our amazing participants:

  • 1 noppo bread keychain of Dia
  • 1 Ruby coaster from the Aqours cafe in Numazu
  • 1 2nd year maxi coaster from the Aqours cafe in Numazu
  • 1 3rd year chibi coaster from the Aqours cafe in Numazu
  • 1 LoveLive! MINI CHEF World Cup 2017 keychain
  • 2 LoveLive! MINI CHEF World Cup 2017 badges


  • Can I post before November 7th?

We will not count any entry created before the start date. This is to allow contestants to take the time to bake before the competition starts, making it more fair to gather likes when it starts.

  • Can I submit something I baked/cooked before this contest?

Yes, as long as you made it yourself!

  • Does it have to be Aqours/LoveLive?

It has to be LoveLive! themed. It can be µ's, Aqours, PDP, or any other elements of the LoveLive! license, but it can't be from idolmaster or any other similar license.

  • Who is behind this contest?

This is organized by School Idol Tomodachi, and targets any Love Live! fan, not just our community.

It is entirely funded by our lovely Patreon donators. Learn more about supporting School Idol Tomodachi.

  • I'm not good at baking / I don't have the equipment, can I still enter?

It is allowed to make no-bake recipes or buy pre-made cookies or cakes, but we still want you to put some effort in your creation. You can use something you bought as a base and spend more time decorating it!

  • Does it have to be edible?

Yes. Though our judges will not be able to come to your house and taste test your creation, we will pay attention to the submitted photos and disqualify entries that are obviously not made of food.

  • Can I add non-edible parts, like a figure or accessories?

Yes, as long as the majority of your entry is made of food. Cake toppings are fine as well.

  • Can I post multiple entries?

You can make as many as you want and post multiple activities but if multiple of your activities end up in the top you'll only get a prize for the 1st one!

  • Are the prizes vegan?

The cake rolls and wafers both contain milk and eggs. Please let us know if you win and you're vegan or allergic and we will send you something else instead (which will probably not be edible, but LoveLive! themed for sure!).

  • Any other question?

Ask in the comments and I'll update this FAQ!