Aug. 20, 2017, 12:09 a.m.

EDIT: if you can tell me how to make the picture show up bigger please do!!!! im super proud of it i think it's one of the best things i've done and i want people to see it!!! ;; EDIT 2; thank you all for helping me omg , now she's big!!!! and the honoka collage i made/talked about is in the corner for those who want to see it! : D EDIT 3; thank you for 50 likes im so happy thisis the mos tive ever had here ??? ily all omg and i hope you all get blessed with your best girls soon <33 ((also i decided that when cyber honoka is in the seal show i'll sell some URs for her ,, please i want her to come home ))

reeeaally biiig depression hiatus from the whole world (aside from splatoon 2) but i love honoka and i want everyone to know this? did you guys?

i love her smile and hoe she can lighten the mood hearing her sing can make me feel happy!! i wish she had come home ad a UR on her birthday but, i'm ok that she didn't!! i got both her SSRs that are on EN idolized!!

here's the drawing i made for her birthday! i took a few days and was around the time i was going to a convention, but i did it!! i love honoka so much!!! i hope she had the best birthday ever!! HonokaBirthdayGiveaway honoka

p.s. my sister likes to say i made a honoka shine, and i didn't even mean to-- if you look at my desk theres lots of her (5 buttons, 2 charms, a collage i made for her, some of her cards just randomly taped on the wall, and her nendoroid... i plan to get her figma and Big Plush too..? i love her a lot )