July 12, 2017, 8:56 p.m.

since it's Nozomi's birthday and she's my best girl, here's my cosplay I did of her Candy Version a few years back!



I love her so much <3 And even though I only got 1 SR pulls from her box, I'm excited for her birthstone!!

In addition to this, I also started my very first ita bag dedicated to solely Nozomi!! Image

And last but not least, here are all my Nozomi figures because I love her so very dearly!! I'm also tempted to still preorder that Cheerleader Nozomi FigFix!! Image

BONUS: I got a UR envelope handbag and hung two of my best girls keychains on it!! I hope they come home soon ;) Image EDIT: I just saw the Nozomi Birthday giveaway so I'm writing this here now!! I hope its not too late: NozomiBirthdayGiveaway