June 26, 2018, 5:29 p.m.

Edit: Very late announcement, but we have a "staff picked" winner!

And the winner is GingerCat! See original activity

#1 catsyspa


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#2 trggrd


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#3 Alos


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#4 Pinkie123


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#5 BJax


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#8 GeminiOtakuStrider


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The announcement is a bit late because a lot of people cheated to get more likes, so I had to take the time to find a way to detect the cheaters properly and restore the activities to the amount of likes they should really have. I'm not gonna name names, but I just want to remind you that these giveaways are by the community and for the community. We're glad to see that some of you really wanted to win, but keep in mind that the votes come from fellow community members like you, and by cheating, you're also trying to shut down their voices, which is not nice. Also, in the end, even after removing the cheat likes, the order of the winners didn't change that much, so it was not even worth the effort of cheating. Please be respectful towards our small, loving community. Let's make these giveaways nothing more than a nice and positive way to show our love for idols and have fun together!

The staff team is still discussing the staff picked activity, so 1 more winner will be announced soon!

Winners, you'll receive a private message from me on School Idol Tomodachi in 24 hours!

Congratulations to all the winners and all the participants! We're glad to see so many people who took the time draw or share something they made for You's birthday.

We hope you enjoyed this giveaway! We might organize more giveaways in the future so please tell us what you think in the comments~

Stay tuned here on School Idol Tomodachi and on Twitter @schoolidolu for more giveaways!

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