Oct. 23, 2021, 10:49 p.m.

Sukutomo is here to stay. Oh,Love&Peace!

Dear Sukutomo Community:

This is rdsathene. I'm posting this both on my personal profile, and as an introduction to an official letter that was written by the collective Circles staff, myself included, on the site's main account.

First, I want to say that Circles and Sukutomo staff were unanimous in wanting to state that the site is not being shut down. Second, as I wrote in comments on another post recently, "a bigger conversation needs to be 'what can we, as the Sukutomo community, do to increase our volunteers and donators?' We need people to help with the work and to cover the server costs. I do both. I encourage everyone to join me." Please consider interning for Sukutomo. We need help with a lot of tasks, including things like gathering the information to update our local song database.

Good News!

We've had some excellent interns lately. One was recently promoted to staff and another one will be soon. They're the reasons why we have birthday tweets and scouting box tweets again after a long hiatus. We also have a developer, who is working hard to fix longstanding bugs. We need a lot more help.

We have some fun seasonal events planned. Please participate in them and help us establish a renewed sense of community here.

A Plea for Love and Peace!

Our sister site, Idol Story, is doing admirable work, especially in terms of keeping updated. We should thank them and also keep trying to staff Sukutomo so we can do the same. We are going to be doing a shared event with them this Fall. Let's make it a great event where both sites shine like the idols they celebrate.

Addionally, I know there's been some bad feelings between certain site users and certain staff. I ask that we all put that in the past. Let's aim for Love and Peace!

We're here!

Don't hesitate to contact staff. The buck stops with me. I'm sorry it sometimes takes me a week to moderate reported posts. I'm going to work with the other moderator to speed up response time. Need to reach me? Discord = "rdsathene | ぷちぐる ラブライブ Forever!#8994", Twitter McKissybear or rdsathene.

Now, for the official Circles announcement:

Hey everyone!

Don’t panic, sukutomo is not going anywhere < 3 We don’t have a plan to close it down.

Just a few things you should know:

  • Our staff team is very small and everyone in the staff has very little time to dedicate to the site. That’s why we’re counting on you! If you want to help, you can either join the team to help update our content, join moderators, organize events, etc! or make sure you reach out to the team when you see a bug on the site or something inappropriate that’s been posted. A lot of you already help and it means a lot to us. Thanks for your support < 3

  • We don’t have any plan to develop Sukutomo further, as the developers who were working on the v2 have left the team. Though it will stay up, it will stay as it is! We don’t plan (nor have the staff) to add any new feature. We do have an intern dev who is doing their best to do basic maintenance though, so let us know if you find any bug! They’ll be here to help.

  • The lovely team at Idol Story is much bigger and more active that ours, with a much cleaner and more robust code base, and we love how much work they’ve put into the new site. For example, their list of songs and idols have a lot more details, so we recommend you check them out ~ That’s why if you have any new idea of something LoveLive! related you’d like to see come to life for LoveLivers!, being fun tools and games or data and trivia, we recommend you to head over to Idol Story and see with the staff there.

We’re so happy and grateful to have such a wonderful and faithful community on Sukutomo for so many years < 3 It’s so heartwarming to see! We love you guys~

Coming soon

We hope you enjoy the birthday parties as much as we love organizing them.

We have a few community events and giveaways coming up organized thanks to the generous collaboration of Idol Story staff! We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store and enjoy the festivities with you!