May 2, 2021, 5:36 a.m.

happy birthday to my ultimate best girl - maki nishikino!!

i finally decided to do one of these fan awards after being too nervous to do it in the past. this is just gonna be maki lovemail so if you don’t wanna read that, it’s okay!! also this is gonna be really discombobulated since i’m a major scatterbrain hehe


so, first of all, thank you so much maki! you have been such an important part of my life in the past almost five years. you have been there for me throughout times that not everyone in my real life has been. you’ve always been there for me when i was going through really good days and really bad days. i’m so thankful that you have always been here, no matter what changed you have always just been you! i’m so glad you came into my life!

at first, i don’t know how i felt about you. you were definitely in the middle of my favorite girls whenever first watching the love live anime. however, over time, i realized how much i related to you. cold on the outside, but deep down caring for your friends and your passons. relating to you made me realize how much i really appreciated you character. you made me realize that its okay to be who i am, and that it’s okay to be interested in more than one thing and pursue those interests (her studies but also being an idol/composer). although i haven’t really done anything as extraordinary like you, you inspire me to actually want to go out and do those things. and over time, i’ve just come to love and appreciate you and your character more!

as well, over time, as i came to love you more and more, you also decided to bless me!! i swear i’m so lucky to be as blessed as i am, no matter what lim ur comes out (besides the makipana halloween card and the nine star venus card), you always seem to bless me! i’m so thankful that you love me as much as i love you!!!


honestly you have brought me closer my current friends, they all know how much you mean to me and they also love you. it makes me so happy that you have been able to do this for me. they even ask if there’s any new cards i have gotten of you, it’s kinda really funny :’) they even let me celebrate your birthday with them! i even made you a lil mug cake to celebrate this year :D


happy birthday maki!!! thank you so much for everything you’ve ever done to me. even though you may not know how important it is to me, that’s okay. thank you for being you and thank you for being in my life ♡ i know i’m not good at expressing things, but i hope that my love to you is being seen!! i love you ♡