Sept. 26, 2020, 6:19 p.m.

Dear Ruby When I was starting, I was so confused.. but I see you grew up I love you more and your ganbaruby help me like the Nico nico nii you make me feel happy with your cute vibes like cotton candy (I love the song, and the mv) you are a such a cutie and I want become more stronger than you.. You are my big sister not I ahahah thanks for everything you do for me, I wanted to save for you than NicoBecause I want more cards for you for feel near to you than usual I hope I complete my mission for you! :: and sorry I haven't much to done to you Some gifts for her:Pics-Art-08-15-10-48-16.jpg Pics-Art-09-03-03-43-37.jpg Pics-Art-08-14-12-23-10.jpg IMG-20200916-203841.jpg (Sorry for the ugly drawing) I wish you again a sweet birthday :: RubyFanAwards2020