Sept. 20, 2020, 3:48 a.m.

Aaahhhh well it's finally here.

I am not a person who is good at expressing their feelings and writing is more difficult, but I will try.

Riko Sakurauchi.

I remember the first time I saw your name. Let's go back to the summer of 2017. I had not been on Twitter for a long time and had met many people. One of them was a girl a little older than me who I really liked. This friend often posted things about girls that I found very cute and caught my attention. One day I asked him where those girls were from and she told me about a game called Love Live School Idol Festival. Curiosity got the better of me and I looked at it, it caught my attention. I did the eternal initial download and tutorial and it was time to pick a girl. I didn't know anything about them so it was going to be random. Then I remembered the name of my friend on Twitter that moment "Riko la diva" and I saw that a girl had the same name, I chose her.

As time went by, I discovered the Sunshine anime and my love for Riko grew by the minute.

After this "little" introduction I'm going to talk about what I like about her.

  • Her design: without a doubt Riko's design is quite original (within Love Live). Her bangs are quite funny and the bobby pin on the side I like, it's weird but in a good way. She also has her hair tied back, which I love (I think I have a fetish for the characters with their hair tied back and bobby pins xD literaly my three waifus have them) and the color and length are ideal. I'm not a big fan of the color of her eyes but I think they go well with her and the way they are I love it.

  • Her voice: what to say, Riko has the best voice in Aqours and one of the best in the franchise. It's a shame that they underestimate her by putting her below Yoshiko or including... Hanamaru (?????? Wtf? But hey, I love her voice. Talking is so soft and warm to me and singing is simply beautiful, being able to adapt to soft songs and also GK rock, without forgetting that it reaches highs, lows and long notes.

  • Her seiyuu: I'm not going to elaborate so much here because I already talked about her on her birthday. I will just say that Rikyako is one of the people I admire the most in this world, I adore her in every way, she is my second favorite seiyuu, I love her voice and I think she is the most beautiful and the one with the most charisma in the entire franchise.

  • Her personality: 1000/10. I LOVE how Riko is. At first she shows us as a very calm and responsible girl who cares a lot about others, which I love since I like that kind of people, but over time we can see more of her: HER CRAZY FACES. The part of Riko's personality that causes her to get upset and lose control is the one I like the most. This results in very funny scenes that can be used for many memes, as well as faces that are just... great, Riko is a meme with legs. And when he sees a dog xDDD Speaking of dogs I loved the development she had in that sense, seeing how she went from panicking in the sense of not being able to be with a dog 10m away to having one, it reminds me a lot of myself because the exact same thing happened to me, maybe that's why I like that side of her so much. I'm not going to forget the relationship she has with the rest of the girls. I really like how she cares so much about others (especially Chika and You) and, although many say that she is a steal of friends and those things are totally the opposite, Riko only cares about others and thanks to her Chika and You they have such a good relationship. And finally, how she plays the piano. Riko is the best pianist in the franchise (she doesn't have much competition, she's better than Maki xD) and I adore the bow she had at the beginning of the series and with Omoi yo Hitotsu ni nare, besides that her version of Yume no Tobira is one of my favorites of all.

Well, I know, a lot of text xD But it took me a lot to write the text so I would be very grateful if you read it in full :'3

This year I didn't do anything too special for her birthday because I wanted to use the drawing that I made last year and that I didn't post here:



And finally the pull that I did for her birthday:


Thaks for the UR baby!!!



I hope you have a happy day, I love you very much Riko and you mean a lot to me.