Sept. 12, 2020, 6:45 p.m.

Birbthday is today. Happy birthday Kotori!

The first time I saw Kotori I immediately fell in love with her and knew she will be my first ever bestest girl. I can't really express my love or my wishes to her in words, but I celebrated today with her favourite food aka cheesecake and I am filled with happiness. I couldn't be more happy happy that I found Love Live and, most importantly, Kotori.

On the first, Zodiac?, birthday set when you needed 955 gems for a guaranteed UR, I i had like... 4? cards left or so. It bummed me out but afterwards I remembered how Kotori always tried her best and I saved, saved and saved for her next birbthday. Today I got it within 3 scouts. Glad for that too. Thank you Birb. Uhhh ye so I am not really good at words or anything, sorry..

Here's some of her merch and my, not birthday, drawing of birb in my favourite UR of her (it's not the best but ya).