Aug. 1, 2020, 8:21 p.m.

It's finally here! >.<



I love you so much Chika. You are a person of light and it is impossible to hate you. You are very happy and bring energy and joy to everything around you. You were the best leader Aqours could have and you did a wonderful job as a leader. You never gave up and inspired me with your strong personality.

Your design is simply beautiful. Your bangs are happy and fun and I like the hair on your head a lot xD

I love your voice ;; it is very pretty. Normally you sing with a happy voice but I love it when you sing louder >.<

And then there is Anju, who is a Goddess ;;

For that and many other reasons I love you so much. You are my second favorite Aqours girl and the third overall. It is always great.

I scouted for you (120 gems) but you didn't give me any UR ;-; But you gave me my Dream SR! (It's too cute I can't)

Little Devil SR

Tanjoubi omedeto, Chika-chi!

Birthday message SIFAS

Birthday message SIF

Kiseki dayo ~ <3