June 16, 2020, 7:12 a.m.


So I wanted to explain what I love about Nozomi!

  • Her character

Nozomi's character was unknown for a while when the anime released its first episodes, but, they showed Nozomi's personality as a kind and caring 3rd year with a pure heart for all her friends and cares about them. Nozomi's bond with Eli is just the cutest thing. Nozomi was seen as this girl who was rarely known and barley recognized. She was an outcast. She met Eli and saw something in her that she realized was amazing. Eli, Nozomi's character built the more she got to know Eli. The same goes for Nico. The third years share such a amazing bond and Nozomi holds that bond together with her pure heart for Eli and Nico. Nozomi is such an important part to the group and is sorta like the mother figure to the group. In a way, in every group, There's a Nozomi.

  • Her voice and seiyuu

Nozomi's voice has to be ranked my favorite in the entire group. I love all the voices though! Nozomi's is just my personal favorite! (Don't attack me!) Kussun did such an amazing job playing Nozomi! There couldn't have even been a better voice actor for Nozomi to even play Nozomi! Kussun did it better! Kussun is such an amazing seiyuu and portrays Nozomi in some ways, she cares about every single seiyuu in the group and supports them. Her friendship with NanjoIno is so similar to Eli and Nozomi's friendship! They are both like a Nozomi and Eli duo in real life! Kussun absolutely deserves that role for Nozomi!

Everything about Nozomi is so unique and there's nothing to change that! She's such a cute and important character in the franchise!

What I did for her birthday!

I did a drawing for her birthday! I drew her in her newest UR for her birthday!


I've gained very few Nozomi merch because I am focused on Kanan merch because I'm building an ita bag for Kanan (if I ever do lol) So I currently have the same stuff from last year! Sorry, honey! Maybe when I get the chance I'll buy more!


Well, That's all I did this year!! I'm sorry I couldnt do much! Anyways, Happy Birthday, Nozomi! Keep sending your spiritual powers to your fans!! Happy Birthday Nozomi!!