April 23, 2020, 8:13 a.m.

A bit belated at this point, but nonetheless, Happy Birthday You-chan! You has been a character that I've held dear to me for a really long time. This was my fifth or sixth year celebrating her birthday! You has been my best Aqours girl since all the members were announced. From the very beginning of Aqours I thought she was a wonderful character, even if I didn't really know anything about her then. As time went on, and more about Aqours was revealed, she continued to grow on me more and more.

The Love Live!! Sunshine anime, first season, is what truly made her a character that is still extremely special to me to this day. You's episode in season one was something else. We see her struggling with handling Chika and RIko's relationship throughout the whole season up until that point. Though that was very subtle, just random glances and changes of You's facial expressions during certain scenarios. Though when You got her episode and really confronted her feelings I truly understood what it was she was dealing with and this made her seem so real to me. She was dealing with something extremely similar to something I had dealt with and I just really understood her character. She is truly a wonderful character full of love to give, and she sometimes needs a push to give it to those she cares about.

You's development in season 2 of the anime is very subtle, but it's there. She has a wonderful moment with Chika and they're able to laugh normally together again. She has a wonderful moment with RIko as well, where she finally seems truly comfortable with RIko. This is just from the anime, but even if season 2 really didn't do her as much justice as I would've liked, she still had some really good, but subtle, development in it. All of her development, and her problems she had was something that seemed like such a real thing to me. It sounds a bit dumb, but she was something I could rely on when I needed it. She has been such an important character to me for a long time, and she still is.

I play quite a bit of games, but sif is something I have stuck with for years, especially JP server. JP server I focus on getting every You UR that I can, though I am missing a few. I am proud of the amount I have though. A lot of her URs mean a lot to me as well, as I got them in times when things were rough. Her valentine's UR I got after 4 pulls during a really horrible day and it was a really nice moment full of joy for me. I've had a few other instances like that, such as getting her time travel UR during a horrible week. You is a character that could and can bring me moments of comfort when I am without those I care about to comfort me, she is such a special character to me because of that. I have a little thing I say when I don't get a UR of her's I am trying for, I tell myself "You always pulls through, she'll be here eventually" and she always does.

This is getting a bit long but You Watanabe is a character I hold dear to me and a character that's a huge comfort and means a lot to me. Listening to Beginner's Sailing when I'm bored, or I just need to hear something is always so nice.

I have never participated in anything like this before, but just sharing my appreciation for our wonderful sailor, costume loving idol is so much fun. So I am excited to participate in the YouFanAwards2020! I wanted to attach a picture of my You merch below as well, just because I enjoy seeing it so I hope those that read this do too!! I've never used imgur before so I hope it works.