April 22, 2020, 12:02 a.m.

happy birthday maki nishikino!!! i figure i might as well participate again this year. maki has been my best girl since i started this game a few years back and i couldn't ask for a better favorite character. i love her fashion style so much and i especially love her voice (thank u pile!), to me it sounds like she has a deeper set voice than some of the other girls which makes me happy because i have a bit of a deeper voice as well, especially when singing. at first i liked her because she is the token tsundere, but as the years go on i find myself liking her for more than just that; she has a lot of growth in the anime and i love that for her. she's inspired me for years and continues to do so! i still don't have much in the form of merch (a figurine, neso, and mini neso), but im happy with what i have. i'll continue to try and fill her album in sif, i want to collect all her pretty cards! i've finally made it past the halfway point with her birthday scouting :-D happy birthday maki, thank you for everything <3

here is my art for this year. it features some of my favorite outfits yet again, plus the outfit from μ's new song (which is amazing btw!!)