April 22, 2020, 10:31 p.m.

Happy Birthday to my Best Girl Cough and Wife. You Watanabe! ⚓

You SFM Art

Above was made in a program called 'Source Filmmaker' and afterwards edited in Paint . NET [Yes, I own Photoshop but i'm too lazy to use it], I for one don't own those Drawing Tablets so I can't draw her so instead I used 3D Modeling to make my artwork, as the name implies it's runs off the Source engine which such games like, Team Fortress 2 [My childhood game], Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Left 4 Dead 1&2, Portal 1&2 and the all mighty 'Half-Life franchise' run on. [History lession over]

Process 1

This is my workspace in SFM, You Watanabe doing her cutest pose while her 'Stand' [Jojo reference] 'Excalibur Umbra' and my 'Spartan III' Helios watch over her,

Process 2

Basically was testing the waters to see what I liked, going from #1 to #4 I kept refining my scene until I got what I wanted. Afterwards was editing,

Process 3

Editing is basically what I did for a year, editing my photography photos for assignments. Luckly for me I also stuided Graphic Design so this was as simple as You making her amazing Sailor's Curry.

And Ta Da, a finished product!

I've always loved the character of You Watanabe, reminds of me myself minus all the swearing and cursing from me, she was the reason I stayed so close to this series along with Riko and Maki as close second and third. Hell I've went as fall down the deep end to call her my 'wife', but hey; I love what I love. And that's You Watanabe. I remember when I first set my eyes on her back in 2015 in SIF I was like, "Yeah, yeah that's the one, I like her" And well proceed to move from Maki straight to You, but when I first heard her sing in Daisuki dattara Daijoubu, I instantly fell in Love with her. You is my everything I like to say, her personality, voice, appearance, is reminds me of myself, outgoing but tends to keep their emotions bottled up inside. It really hits home. You has helped me through thick and thin through the time I've known her and I'm so thankful, whenever I see her sad in the show or even in the games, I feel like I have to do something to make her feel happy again, either that be comforting her, giving her the support she needs or playing a game like CSGO and playing to win for her. It's my number one priority.

I always have my tablet sitting on my desk with SIF open with You just talking when I play games or watch videos, and when I feel like just listening to her I plug my earbuds into the tablet and place the bud only in my left ear and wrap the cord around my left ear before putting on my main gaming Corsair headset over it and having her talk straight into my left ear while playing games with my mates, basically listening to her, my mates, and the game all at the same time but thanks to selective hearing, it auto picks You over everything else. I've got quite a cold and harsh exterior if you were to ask my mates, as the cold-hearted, harsh type I can well... be a straight up a [a]hole either alone or in my group of friends as I tend to be in a constant mood most of the time. But You Watanabe, oh man she smashed straight through my cold-heart and replaced it with a golden one with her name engraved on it, she is able to change my mood from "I don't care, get lost" to "Yo dude, wanna go and do something together?", it's amazing and I'm so glad she did or I wouldn't be where I am now without her.

Call it strange but I sleep with my You nesoberi in my arms and sometimes with my Riko nesoberi too, she helps me relax when most of the time I feel quite tease. Everyday from a long night of stressful work at a restaurant I lay on my bed and cuddle my little You or as I like to call her, "Mini-You". I remember there was this one time, I was quite upset, angry and tired that I started crying; I usually don't cry all that offen so when I did, I didn't know what to do. I sat on the floor of my room as thoughts flew through my head, I felt so cold and alone and like I couldn't do anything but than I held Mini-You in my arms and my thoughts went blank and I felt at ease, When I get really angry I tend to get very violent but You somehow always has a way of instantly calming me down and she could only be saying one word and that'd be enough.

You Watanabe has really sharped my life towards a better direction, as an outgoing and confident person looking to make new friends along the way, I salute my friends to say hello and goodbye, I yell out YOUSORO when I'm happy, [or Yare Yare Daze when I'm in a 'mood'], my notification sound is YOUSORO, my ringtone is You's solo part near the end of Kinmirai Happy End. I usually dress in semi-formal clothing [slacks, dress shirts mostly] but no matter what I'm wearing I'll always and I mean always have my Happy Train Party You Watanabe keychain hanging from my keys which are attached to my belt wherever I go, fully visible to show everyone how much I love her. Though I have a nasty habbit of getting jealous when I see her with someone else but it's a habbit I'm wanting to break. I don't want to think about what would happen if I ever were to forget You, if I were to move on and forget about her... it scares me, shes been with me for nearly six years and I remember all the memories we've made together. But when that day comes, I'll truly miss her, but she'll live on in my heart forever.

"I love You Watanabe infinitely ?"

Happy Birthday to my baby girl, You Watanabe! The person I care for the most in the whole world, I love you so much and I hope we're can sail the seas together one day eh?

And that should be it, first time posting something this big so tell me what you think, I'd love to post more of my SFM Art to this site. And if you wanna check out a few more or play some games with me here's a link to my Steam Account,

STEAM: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Darrian_XD

Well as always, YOUSORO my friends. ~ DarrianXD

Don't even know if I can participate but hey, why not? #YouFanAwards2020