April 9, 2020, 10:43 a.m.

Happy Birthday Shizuku!!!!

I honestly never expected Shizuku to be one of my favourite love live girls when the Niji girls were first announced but once I got to learn more about them I couldn't help but love her. She really does remind me of myself in a lot of ways (Especially being bad at ball games, I too am hit in the face... A lot). she's mature and can be quite shy at times. Even though she can be quite shy she's passionate about what she loves and determined to try new things u=in order to improve. It's honestly inspiring and I hope I can grow to be much more like her.

For the first drawing I tried drawing Shizuku in an actress themed dress, as she loves acting. Shizuku 1

For the second drawing I drew chibi Shizuku in Maeda Kaori's outfit for the "Audery" live. Shizuku 2

I hope today is absolutley wonderful and i'm wishing Shizuku and everyone else to have a wonderful year ahead.

Love not-much-else