March 22, 2020, 4:04 a.m.


I thought I'd enter this with some nice fanart I did of my best girl for her birthday! Umi has always been the number one best girl in my life, ever since I got into LLSIF years ago. It seems like just yesterday I was tiering for explorer Umi on JP SIF at 2 in the morning, and now I'm about to graduate high school. Even though I no longer play LLSIF religiously as I used to, I always make sure to check back on her new cards (and absolutely fawn over all of them)...And I only hope every new fan of Love Live will love her just as much as I do, because who doesn't love seeing new players find the same love you do for the character? Happy birthday, Umi! She means the world to me, and I wish the best of luck to everyone else entering. Because in the end, we all love Umi with our whole hearts. :')

Written with love! Here is to another year of giving all my love to the true Best Girl....! pup