March 14, 2020, 4:41 p.m.

yay! it’s that time of year again. hanamaru is my number one best girl and i’m happy she exists. :)) i drew something for her birthday again this year (her in her wedding ssr) and I hope it’s ok ? wedding hanamaru was my first ssr rarity hanamaru card from when i started playing sif (and my favourite hanamaru ssr its so cute lol). :3 what i got to say about maru will probably be a tiny bit long but this is what i have to say about her.

why i love hanamaru: at first, hanamaru didn’t really appeal to me because i only looked at the cute girls first (i thought hanamaru didn’t really look very cute back then srry :c ) so my best girl was ruby. once i started watching the anime, i definitely knew that hanamaru is my new best girl. most of the time she can be eating but it doesn’t bother me. i find it cute :)) when she thought she couldn’t be an idol just because she wasn’t athletic really made me look back at myself because i am not athletic either but because of ruby and everyone else in aqours, she got so far :3 i wish to become like that too. something that i also love about hanamaru is her voice. iT’S sO bEautifUl! when we had a vote on who we had for the 5th single center, i voted for hanamaru on 4 devices lol. her vocals are amazing and i can’t get enough off it! at first, i expected hanamaru to have a higher-pitch voice but when i heard how her voice sounded like, i fell in love immediately. she is voiced by such a nice seiyuu!(love herr)

i started liking love live in 2016. my first merch ever was a hanamaru nesoberi :3 she is very soft and i love her so much! i always planned on doing a hanamaru cosplay so i hope i can do that this year!

i stopped playing sif sadly because of storage (lol it literally steals all of it) and last christmas, i did the pick your girl gacha thing and i ended up getting my first & dream hanamaru ur (christmas maru :3) and two dupes of devil maru! (along with some ssrs and stuff) hanamaru really blessed me that christmas.

i’m really happy that i got into love live. hanamaru is one of my favourite characters and i hope we can celebrate her birthday all together! happy birthday hanamaru kunikida!

the drawing from this year, last year and a quick set up thingy for hanamaru’s birthday are in the comments if they allow that heheh (not the most well educated in sukutomo posts lol and sorry if everything is all over the place.) ☆彡  (о´∀`о)