Feb. 13, 2020, 8:18 a.m.

Last year, I began this post with how I got to Aqours and how I began to love Kanan. This year, I think I can talk more about why she’s stolen my heart.

I was here for the beginning of Aqours; when they got added to the game and started getting lives, it filled me with some sort of emotion. It was pride... honor... and happiness to be able to see Aqours flourish in real time, instead of how I joined halfway through for Mus.

From playing SIF to watching Aqours live in LA, I don’t think I can put into words how much Kanan means to me. How much she embodies a strong stubborn will, and how much she loves her friends. How much she cares for others while staying mischievous. Her bonds with everyone are something amazing to me, and I love her a lot.


This year, I managed to complete countdown (+ a birthday art) pieces for her, and I was motivated by my affection for her to go beyond my limits and draw poses/use colors I have never thought to before. In a way, she’s my inspiration! Both countdowns highlight an outfit/song with Kanan that I really enjoy, similarly to my birthday piece last year with Kanan in her solo live outfit.

I think something that cements Kanan as my favorite, and I realized it recently, is that while I didn’t get her birthday UR, I’ve never been happier with the pulls I did get. I got a lot of cards I wanted, a lot of dupes, but in the end it’s just my affection for Kanan shining through! All of her cards are radiant and only make me happier when I see them in-game.

A part of me is sad to give up the crown of best love live girl from Umi to Kanan.. but Kanan truly makes me happy in no other ways. I brighten up when I get to talk about her, and I love seeing all the love people give her both on her birthday and otherwise. Even while I’m writing this, I’ve found myself wiping away tears? I’m really grateful to all what Love Live, and Kanan, have done for me.

Happy birthday, Kanan!! Thank you for being a part of Aqours, and thank you for entering my life! Thank you for having such a sweet and cute seiyuu that embodies you perfectly; thank you for all my beloved memories of Aqours these past years.

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