Feb. 12, 2020, 11:43 p.m.


Yay! It's best girls birthday! I was so excited to to this post and celebrate! Anyways, here's my entry!


Kanan has had so much character growth. In the first season through the movie. Kanan stopped being an idol after Mari injured herself during their performance. From then on, Mari has been trying to convince Kanan that they can preform again. Many people dislike Kanan because she is rude and has an "attitude" and her voice. Kanan's voice is gorgeous. And Kanan is not a rude character. Nanaka Suwa is my favorite voice actor in LL and I think she is like Kanan in some way? In Happy Party Train, the music video is supposed to be FOR Kanan. It's also Kanan's first center (Klab give her another). Kanan is such an amazing character and cares about Dia and Mari and the rest of the Aqours members. I enjoy looking at fan art and cosplay of Kanan. Idk how Kanan even became my favorite Aquors idol. My first UR of Kanan was her New Years (Wedding Kanan where are you?). I wanted to explain this earlier, but, my username is based off of Nozomi and Kanan's names. "Nozi" and the "o" in "Kano" resemble Nozomi's. And the "Kan" is Kanan's. When I was signing up for this website I wanted to use something simple. But, I decide my best girls were gonna be my username. I don't draw fan art of my best girls as much. But, Kanan is such an amazing idol. Kanan is such an awesome character. I stan.

~What I did for her birthday~

I have so much merch of Kanan that I wanted to show it off! I meant to post a picture of it for the Winter Awards but never did. I am also planning to start an ita bag and take it to a con cosplaying as Kanan. Of course, I won't be doing that for a while. So, I took a picture of all the merch I have of Kanan. (I have an addiction, help)


My SIF scouting. Uhhhhhh.....Idek. I wasn't expecting much because I have the habit to not save an Love Gems. I also have been busy with art related stuff. And I got one solo SR from her. But, compared to my Nozomi card deck. I got a lot of Kanan cards!


Well, That will be all for this year! I wish I could have done more, but, I have been busy lately.

Happy Birthday, Kanan! I will keep supporting you and Suwawa. I hope you have an awesome birthday! Keep moving foward! And most importantly, Haugu Shiyo!! ♡♡