Feb. 10, 2020, 6:12 p.m.

Dear Kanan,

I'm writing this letter for your KananFanAwards2020 community celebration.

We not started the best way, but you slowly ranked youself up in my 'Aqours Best Girl list'. When I saw you first, I thought, that you will be a "display-case" of the anime, as Mari grabbed your "twins". But soon I realized, you didn't get too much screentime. :(

As I watched the series, and read the articles, you got more and more sympathetic for me.

I started to like you, and when I realized it, you already beat my "all-time" trio's two member, Maki-chan and Eli-chan. And last year, when I saw your login UR card in the SIF you took over the throne from 'our Umidah'.

I saw Kasumigaoka Utaha, Sento Isuzu, Sakurajima Mai, the Aihara step-sisters... All of them are my best girls in each stories and they are gorgeous looking, but you became my only one 'Best Girl'. When re-watched the LL! Sunshine!!, my heart skipped a small beat, when I saw you, or hear you. Always searched for a small sight of your amethyst orbs.

It wasn't enough for me. I wanted more of you.

It could be the base for writing my Initial D x LoveLive! universe crossover fan-fiction story as your first "love story". You became the fourth 'Soldier Game' member, and for a certain scene, I made your birthday UR card as the theme of the SG cover. Some LL! (and non LL!) fan said to me, that edit is much better, than the original card.


But that card didn't last too long as my partner in the SIF, because the Happy Party Train unidolized card took this place, cause that cute "shocked" look on your face. In october I ordered the figure, made from that unidolized card. Since it arrived to me... gomen, you arrived to me, you almost every time travelled in my room, from my nightstand to my desktop. At nighttime, I am so glad, because you keeping me in safe from nightmares, as you were facing me on my nightstand. ^^


You even inspired me to reborn one of my old design, what I archived years ago. I made it about you, with your image color. And some of your sprites from the SIF. I know, I made an Umi itasha before your, but your one was made one of my favourite rally cars.


You are on my simracing helmet too, with Umi and your Granblue Fantasy sprites.These to got on my ETS2 truck too.

But the highs are broken sometimes by the lows. Sometimes the game made me to be mad at you, cause in the hungarian community everybody got your URs, and I've got only Rs and SRs. But couple of hours later, or after a good night sleep, I realized, that I cannot be really mad at your beauty, cause the game is making joke of me.

In the end of January, you arrived, again, as a beach queen, so you and Umi will be the perfect photo-models for my RC itasha car, because you'll be in summer outfits on the bodywork. ^^


So yeah, here we are. You are the birthday girl now, and I'm so glad, that I finally find my best girl in you. Your kindness is what healed my broken heart, since years ago.

I'm prepared for your birthday scout. I know, it's not a big deal now, but it's honest. I hope I'll get more URs, than your guaranteed birthday UR card.


Thank you so much for being, my only one,

Your Zadi