Jan. 22, 2020, 12:58 a.m.

Happy birthday, Hanayo! Ok uh im not really good at writing things like this but bear with me... Hanayo, Kayo-chin, Pana, Rice Goddess , i love you ?. newpana I remember the first time i actually downloaded SIF and I was stuck between choosing Kotori and Pana. I was interested in Hanayo since she was shy and I like shy characters but ultimately, I chose Kotori. Then... I redownloaded SIF for like a year or two after that. After replaying it for a while, Hanayo didn't tend to stick out that much to me, especially since there were 9 more new girls in the game that i wanted to check out (Aqours). At the time, I knew Hanayo as Rin's friend who liked rice cuz I always got Rin's cards and Hanayo's cards and this was a time whenever I got a new card, I would set it as my partner so I would constantly hear about one girl talk about the other. Also, it was really weird too since sometimes I may get a Rin card from a set then later, get a Hanayo card from same set. At this point, I started to get more into the LL fandom and this helped me learn more about the characters. I can't really remember the moment when it clicked in my head for me that "I really like Hanayo!" but I do remember just liking how more realistic she was in both personality and design, plus I could relate to her a bit, after reading more about her. She is a kinda shy girl but when you speak about something she likes, she can't stop talking. She wore glasses, has short hair, and was insecure about her weight. To me, those are relatable enough aspects for me to love her.

Personally, her usual singing voice is not one of my favorite but if we talking about her voice in earlier songs like Mermaid Festa... it's one of my faves (thx Kubo Yurika). My favorite Hanayo solo is probably Kodoku Na Heaven, it's so beautiful. The fact that her and Kotori got not one but TWO duet songs makes me happy cuz they my favorite girls, however I do feel like one of those duets could've been used for a RinPana song... Her relationship with Rin is also very cute but it also saddens me because they're two of the least popular girls but they still sticking with each other tho :')

oldpana I also like to draw/doodle Hanayo occasionally since she's pretty easy to draw. This was a picture I drew for Hanayo's birthday in 2018.

panabanna I also made a little banner thingy for her, printed it out, and put it in my front binder sleeve about 2 years ago. I still got it too.

N e ways uhhh again, I'm not really good at writing stuff like this but I hope y'all could understand how much i love Hanayo from it! And good luck to everyone else who is participating in this event!