Jan. 25, 2020, 11:46 p.m.


Woohoo round three! Happy Birthday once again Hanayo!! Although I have been rather busy this year and had lots of bumps along the way, I want to thank her for always being there for me through heart breaks, losses, and just a generally emotional year overall lol. In my posts for the last two years I talked about my journey to becoming such a big Hanayo lover, but this year nothing much new has happened as far as gaining appreciation more so just basking in it. She genuinely means a lot to me and while it is a little silly to say that an anime girl is my biggest support, it's true. Her chubby checks and cute smile, soft eyes and kind demeanor really helped me push through a lot this year and I hope to be as helpful and nice to others as she has been to me. I love Hanayo basically and I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for her.


Keeping up with tradition I've been doing White Day arts for... Three years now. I was super stressed about this one since I made her last minute and I'm still not quite satisfied with it, but I hope she is appreciated anyways!


Anddd my other tradition.... The Hanayo shrine ? I did another rice feast this year with my friends, but I also left pana a bowl for herself~ Three candles since this will be my third year celebrating here on sukutomo :) I tried to keep my post shorter this year while still keeping up with life lately so I hope it was enjoyable. Once again I'd like to thank Hanayo, Love Live, and the community as a whole for keeping me somewhat happy and not 6 feet under lol love y'all and I hope you guys were able to have a great celebration too!


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