Jan. 24, 2020, 7:19 p.m.

Hello all! Here's my entry for the HanayoFanAwards2020 !

In addition to my drawing, I wrote a letter to Hanayo and baked her a cake.

"Happy birthday, Hanayo!

Though I can’t say that you have always been my favorite character, you have been since I started watching the Love Live! anime. From your episode, I have loved you. I see so much of myself in you: shy, unsure of yourself, yet deeply passionate and determined to do well regardless of your lack of self confidence. It was almost like seeing myself in a mirror, down to the hair and glasses. And yet, I saw you grow, become more confident, and succeed in your dreams, something I didn’t think would be possible for me.

I am so, so proud of you. You grew from a shy girl, afraid to do almost anything that would put yourself out into the world, into someone who could perform with charm and charisma to audiences of thousands. Your journey gives me hope that I, too, can grow as you did. Whenever I do something I’m afraid to do, I feel you beside me, encouraging me.

Your passion is incredible. From your knowledge of school idols to your love of white rice, it’s amazing to see such care for the things you love. It’s a trait in myself I sometimes am embarrassed of. Seeing you love so unabashedly, though, it makes me feel like even full-blown obsession like yours can be good and endearing. It almost feels silly that a fictional character could make me feel so much better about myself, but when I see so much of myself in you, I can’t help it.

You make me so happy that I can hardly describe it. I beam when I see pictures of you, I squeal in glee when I get a new card of yours. I could listen to your solo songs for hours (and I have!). I know I can cheer myself up just by opening SIF and hearing you talk about how amazing white rice is, or hearing you say “Ganbarimasu!” Never has any character been able to fill me with such happiness. It’s a truly special thing.

Happy birthday Hanayo, and here’s to many more together."

Thank you for reading (and letting me pour my heart out haha)! I really love Hanayo!