Jan. 4, 2020, 3:23 p.m.


Dia's birthday Dia's birthday

So I already spent a silly amount of time writing all my thoughts and feelings down, if you don't mind I would like to share most of it here as well (I posted it to Idol Story originally). Here I go.

Dear Dia,

I first watched Love Live then Love Live Sunshine a little bit over a year and a quarter ago and with the help of a friend who I got to know better thanks to this decision (and we've been good friends ever since and even got to meet him during the summer, twice actually) I got more and more into the franchise the more I read about it. The characters, the community, the seiyuus and especially the music which I keep listening nonstop and following every news ever since. I was a bit sad I was late to this party when I joined Idol Hell, however over the time I realized every Love Livers are equal, we're one big, awesome and friendly community and always welcome people who are interested in what we like.

When I watch an anime I always have a favourite character and I'm not sure if there's anyone who doesn't get to like anyone when doing so. Well of course this started with the anime, you gotta get into it somehow but we all know this is kinda beyond it isn't it.

This time I had 9. 9x2 actually. Plus 2 (I'm really sorry A-Rise, you guys just didn't stick with me). Then another 9 came and will come to our screens soon. So that makes 31. Thirty one characters to have as favourites and though I didn't get to know everyone at the same time or same depth I couldn't decide on a favourite but at the same time deciding is a harsh phrasing since it's something I feel and not something I force to have.

So I keep watching and looking at things, reading up on stuff and although Umi was a like at first glance I couldn't realize where my heart was pulling when it came to Aqours. You look through these girls - both from Chika's and Anchan's side - and you find all of them awesome and loveable.

Eventually I started thinking you know...Dia is a pretty cool girl... and before I knew I was all over you and became my most frequent thought. Maybe there was a bit of pressure from my friend (who's oshi is Riko by the way) since a Love Liver's important quality is who they support.

I didn't decide to support you, Dia and Arisha on purpose, I went with my feelings about whom I felt the most radiance from in my subjective eyes.

And suddenly this Hungarian was set for life.

For a very big scale of reasons getting merch, stuff that I want in my room to feel more comfortable, to express who I like is prooving to be difficult, and well I don't feel obligatory to buy everything related to you but it's a subconscious motivation to keep on supporting you. Your figure stands on my shelf of treasures, your pinched keychain keeps my car keys safe, your nesoberi keeps me calm in the evening, your smartphone ring keeps my phone safe on top of my transparent phone case on which I have 'Aqours' written at the bottom of the back and your baseball hat helps keeping my head safe and warm.

Until the day you have to let Nijigaki to start their own shining - and I already tear up a bit just thinking about it, but I promise you those tears should the day come will be tears of joy of having met - I will keep on supporting you. You and your best friend Arisha, until my time comes.

Dia, thank you for everything, keep your dear Sister safe, keep us safe as well, have a wonderful new year and a very happy birthday!

P.S. I made you some matcha pudding for your birthday, I hope you liked it!