Dec. 27, 2019, 4:31 p.m.


It's Kanata's birthday! I made her an edit because I'm terrible at drawing! But, apart from that, the second-best girl is all the love I have!

Dear, Kanata!

If it's your birthday and I'm missing it a little! But, it's your day to smile and make your sleepy dreams come true. Everything you'll do is when I'll be there for you~ Days when you fall asleep and people will hate you for that, don't let them stop you on what you wanna do! You can be yourself and not listen to haters surrounding you! On us, you can count on because we have a kind heart and to show that we love you~ But, don't just sleep on your birthday if looking for a surprise!, because you wanna eat cake and that, do you? It's been a long day and I was so waiting for your birthday~ Oh, yeah and I hope you wish good luck to all the fans around you! Make sure you don't miss a single bit of this letter yet!

For you, I really think you have a nice heart. Despite being the third year, you should act like your one! But, don't worry yet! A third-year can sleep in multiple times if they wanna~ You'll always step into everything you can see! I could gift you, but, in my time, I don't have it. Something you'll see is what you'll be. You just look important in your sleep and waking! Make sure your surprise never ends till it will!

The lyrics of your first solo, "Sleeping Beauty in the forest" might be you! Cause, sleeping is what you always cause! Oh, yes, and is your sister okay? I bet she is excited for your birthday!! Just take a step forward and hopefully, you'll make it to a dream you can't meet. Problems might raise into the abyss, but it will go away once you'll forget them all! A dream is a dream and never forget that, cause your sleepy princess!

What do I love about you? Well, the answer is everything! Even though things can go wrong if did, you can always make the fix and never mess it up! Just like my best girls, you have taught me to be myself and always make a fix to whatever goes wrong. Make sure you keep it up! Spread what's inside you at all costs and don't hide it cause we were a fan of you!

Your solos make me feel sleepy but also amazed to see that they are actually like your personality, sleeping. Sadly, I didn't reach what I get for you and that's why I joined this dream of your birthday! Always wish your friends and fans good luck to whatever you'll do and always meet the future of where we're gonna be!

Also, what's best is that your birthday is when a Christmas Fair came!! Good luck to the raffle competition and happy birthday, Kanata! Make wishes come true...

P.S: Beautiful Moonlight is a bop !!

                 Love, Ganbawoobi! xoxoxo