Nov. 21, 2019, 6:04 a.m.


Items that might be of interest that we encounter while looking for things to tweet for Sukutomo.

Love Live! Sunshine!! Shiitake Christmas Cakes

The franchise announced that a Numazu bakery is taking reservations for pear and caramel mousse Shiitake Christmas Cakes.


Love Live! Sunshine!! Hanamaru VA Kanako Takatsuki's New Unit BlooDye Releases Their 1st MV


VIDEO: Love Live! Kotori VA Aya Uchida Sings News Song "DECORATE" in Neon Light Room


Miscellaneous Items

Awashima Marine Park for a limited time, starting November 15, 2019, tickets will feature 「Mitaiken Horizon !」 imagery on the reverse [source].


We're written about the annual Aqours lanterns that are display along the path to Awashima Island's hilltop shrine. See our past posts for photographs and more information. Awashima Marine Park tweeted mid-October that the results of lottery for sponsoring lanterns were out [source].


MAL: See Guilty Kiss perform live without ever leaving home!

Guilty Kiss

See PV in comments below.

Watch Love Live! Sunshine!! Mari VA Aina Suzuki's Solo Debut Song Music Video


Love Live! Sunshine!! Kanan VA Nanaka Suwa to Make Solo Singer Debut in April 2020


November Birthdays

  • Rin Hoshizora- November 1st
  • Rina Tennoji- November 13th

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