Nov. 11, 2019, 6:55 a.m.

RinFanAwards2019 eli and nozomi's birthdays are over, so now it's time for rin! i was planning to make this edit for a long time and post it on her birthday but i got busy, unfortunately. either way, i couldn't leave my best girl hanging, so here it is! i made a cat-themed edit because it is what she deserves (and i know she would like it). ? focusing on rin, i have a lot to say. rin is one of my best girls and i love her deeply. i relate to her sooooo much it's unreal. i've always liked rin, she's just the type of character i love: a happy-go-lucky character that loves her friends. but i REALLY fell in love with her in the episode where she's assigned as "the new leader", while the 2nd years are on a trip. as it was shown since season 1, rin has a lot of energy, she fights for her friends and believes in them and she's always ready to help them overcome whatever they need, but she doesn't have confidence on herself. it took maki and pana encouraging her for her to join muse since she didn't consider herself a "cute" girl, like the other school idols. in that episode, we could understand why she's so insecure. after being bullied when she was a child, she locked up her feminine side and chose to be more of a "tomboy", just so she couldn't be bullied again. when pana was trying the bride dress for their perfomance, i could feel rin's pain: she really wanted to wear that, to feel confident in it and feel beautiful in it. but she couldn't, she didn't have the courage to and that broke my heart. i can relate to that a lot. i was also bullied for the most part of my childhood and that still affects me to this day. i'm still not comfortable about my body or the way i present myself for people because of what i heard. that episode really spoke to my heart. so when rin, with the help of her friends, overcame her fears and finally felt that now she was ready to be whoever she wanted to be, i got emotional. rin is so loved by her friends, when she showed up with a skirt to practice, revealing her new outfit, the 8 of them almost threw a party. they knew it was a big step for her. and lastly, when rin looked at herself in the mirror with that beautiful pink dress in the end of the episode and smiled, i cried. she was ready to be a "new rin", one that didn't have to hide a part of herself, one that wasn't ashamed of herself and was ready to try out new things, letting her be happy. and that's what i aspire to be. rin is rin and i love her for that. happy (late) birthday, my nya, i love you so much! ??? also posted it on twt: