Nov. 11, 2019, 6:12 a.m.


How long has it been? 4 years with my favorite character of all time.. Since middle school you have been there for me, even if you aren't real, you still made a difference. Now Rin, I will be walking that graduation stage in less than a year! I love everything about you, from your short cute hair, to your sporty and fun personality! Even when my mom calls you "Ren", I don't mind because she even knows you mean a lot to me.. You make me so happy, even on my darkest days.. All I have to do is put on your solo album and hug my Rin nesoberi and it feels better. Rin Hoshizora has been a big part of my life (and my wallet 0-0) but its all worth it. They say money does not buy happiness, but Rin is the happiness I need. Time to start saving my gems again, as you ate all of mine for your beautiful limited UR owo

Some of my favorite Rin Memories! 1. Getting 2 copies of dancer in when she first came out ( May 15, 2016) 2. Getting Alter March Rin for my 16th birthday 3. Soloing her SIFAS UR 4. Creating my Rin ita bag 5. Working countless hours just to buy a precious figure for my collection >-< 6. Getting her 2019 birthday UR after saving for months 7. Dumping my wallet for 6th anniversary Rin :0 8. Rin blessing me with her sailor UR in only one pull!! 9. Cringing all the times my mother called Rin "Ren" 10. Cuddling with my Rin neso on cold nights 11. Taking my mini Rin neso to summer camp 3 years in a row and to the UK, so she can adventure too

Looking forward to all the adventures we will have in 2020 Rin! Happy birthday princess, for 2019 and many more!!!!! :) little album of my merch and a cutie Rin SIFAS screenshot :)