Nov. 12, 2019, 10:55 p.m.

rin banner fairy rin art by Minka

Happy Birthday Rin! I can't believe it's been a year again already. I've decided to post my Fairy Rin artwork that I already shared with you in March because I still really like it and the birthday girl deserves it. Last year I mostly talked about my love for Rin through my game experiences but this time I want to tell you guys how Rin changed my life. Back in 2014 I did not only discover the game but the whole franchise. I was excited to find and watch the anime and I can definitely tell you that I cried a lot watching it. But the one character that captured my heart was Rin. I've always been a fan of genki characters so it was only natural that I would like her. But in contrast to many other genki characters before her, she actually has a lot of character depth. Right from the beginning of the series she shows what a wonderful friend she is, helping her best friend to achieve her dream and become an idol. She even joins her so Hanayo doesn't feel to scared and lonely. That on it's own is already admirable but even more so after watching the Love Wing Bell episode.

You have to know that I endured the same bullying as Rin did. When I was still in primary school I loved wearing everything pink, cute, frilly and glittery. A very typical princess girl. But the other kids thought that that was uncool and worthy of bullying. I was called names, they ripped my clothes, they hit me in school and after school and so on. It only stopped after grade 8, so you can imagine what kind of a toll that had on my mental health. I completely stopped wearing pink, trying to avoid any more harm at all cost (which didn't help, sadly). The thing is, that I never stopped loving anything cute and pink. But then, in 2014, I saw that Love Wing Bell episode and it changed my life. Seeing Rins backstory and being scared of wearing that beautiful dress even though she liked it made me relate to her so much. But she overcame her fear through the support of her friends. And you can't imagine how happy and touched I was at that moment. Rin showed me that I can do it, that I don't have to be scared anymore. So after 7 years of hiding my real self, Rin helped me to express myself again. And I'm eternally thankful for that. I started buying pink clothes again and now I can wear them without any fear. How can I not love her after she helped me that much? Rin deserves all the love in the world. And I'm so happy she exists.

stuff Btw, after last years giveaway where I ended up as second place and therefore didn't get the Rin figure, one of my best friends was so nice that he gave her to me as a christmas present! It's my only piece of Rin merch and I'm so so so happy that I have her now. I look at her everyday, especially when I'm feeling down. Seeing this beautiful figure of hers always lifts my mood. I also put these little animal figures I still had from an old My Little Pony advent calender on her pedastal and with them she looks like a Disney princess. And I was also blessed by her new birthday UR!!.. after a lot of suffering from getting nothing in 5 scouts lol. That's the gacha life.