Nov. 7, 2019, 1:33 p.m.

Happy birthday to my absolute best girl, Eli Ayase! Eli has been my best girl since I started the series in 2016. I was drawn to her originally because we had similar names, but I fell in love because of how much I absolutely loved her personality. Her personality reminds me of myself, and it makes me feel better about myself as well. She’s so good to her friends and it inspires me. I’m not often someone who does leadership roles, but ever since I’ve known about her, she’s inspired me to step up more in my daily life. Her being the student council president inspired me to take a leadership role in a few of my school’s clubs! Eli Bday Party! I decided to throw Tera Eli a birthday party as it seemed fitting to celebrate her! These cupcakes are chocolate cupcakes (her favorite food is chocolate!) with buttercream frosting with a two tone swirl of her image color and a color similar. I placed her flower from bokuhika on top, and arranged them into her symbol! Merch Collection! I also collect a lot of Eli because her merch is absolutely beautiful! She means a whole lot to me and I show my love by creating ita bags, corkboards, and so much more! Thank you Eli for always being there for me and making me happy when I’m not feeling the best. EliFanAwards2019