Sept. 20, 2019, 11:42 p.m.


Happy late birthday, Kotori. I became a love live fan in 2016, and instantly fell in love with you. I knew I would end up drawing you a lot, so for your birthdays the past 3 years, I have drawn you in the same outfit. Birdwatching Kotori, an event SR, will always be my favourite. You suit it so well, and I love how cute you look in it. Year 1, 2017, right, was the first time i'd drawn something so complex. I was so proud of myself and scouted 180 gems for you. I got magician Kotori! Such a cute UR!! 2018, year 2, middle, was exciting. So exciting in fact, I finished the drawing a month early! I ended up with 700 gems over both my accounts for you, and your Tennis UR came home as well as Dancer! My favourite UR of yours! 2019, year 3, left, I recently started a diploma in illustration so I haven't had much time for school idol festival, but I managed to get 30 gems and 5 blue tickets. Your RPG UR came home and I almost cried! I loved drawing you this year, and seeing the incredible progress i've made, thanks to you, just warms my heart. You helped me make friends, who send me pictures of you when im sad because they know you make me smile. My boyfriend bought me a figure of yours for Valentines day this year, because he knows how much I love you. Thank you for making me the person I am today, Kotori Minami. You've helped me battle my mental illness and you've motivated me to improve my art to a point where I got into college to study it! I love you, Kotori. Happy Birthday ('8')