Sept. 15, 2019, 1:14 p.m.

okay this is the last post about my idol OCs that isn't proper art in a while I promise I just gotta. drop the subunits for SOUNDSCAPE real quick (also put member order & join order in the comments cause I made them all together) and then I will Finally shut up


ultramarine: a unit of three girls with a strong stage presence. their songs tell stories that rival musical theatre in both lyrics and presentation, but the members' clashing personalities can lead to difficulties in practice, with Kanae acting as the mediator between Mariko's professionalism and Rondo's more laid-back attitude. (music style examples: 1 2 3)

MÆ!!: a unit that puts a smile on your face with its cheerful songs and high-energy choreographies. students that pass by their practice room always like to stop and listen to their practices, both for the music and because the members are laughing and having a lot of fun together. (music style examples: 1 2 3)

Asagao Drop: with their songs ranging from happy, yet soft tunes to pensive ballads, this unit is very versatile. even so, all three of them say they prefer to sing quiet songs, so whenever they drop something with more energy, it's always a small event. (music style examples: 1 2 3)