Sept. 18, 2019, 12:01 a.m.

Happy Birthday Kotori!! 

After a long time feeling too nervous to enter a fan award I finally wracked up the courage to enter just for my favourite idol!

The first image I drew of Kotori was her in a dress I designed myself, I particularly wanted to draw her in something simple but cute and felt that drawing her in something I designed myself would be like my own way of giving her a dress ><


The next drawing I created was of Kotori in her very recently shown dress. It looked absolutely adorable!! I couldn't not draw it!! It reminds me of a cake and suits her so well >v< 


Drawing is my own personal way of expressing how much I love a character in a fun and creative way. I really hope that my drawings truly show how much I love Kotori, as she truly is so wonderful <3 Drawing helps me feel like I've created a connection with a character so I hope to continue drawing this wonderful birb idol X3  Next up I decided to share my collection of Kotori merch, it isn't much at the moment but as an unemployed young adult who can usually only buy merch through saving up money from commissions, I feel really proud of it. Having merch of Kotori always feels special to me, I feel like it allows me to show my love and support for her and display it in a space close to me, my room X3  Kotori was the first figure I ever decided to buy too >v< I'm really glad she helped me start my collection ~


To finish I just wanted to write a little bit about why Kotori means so much to me.  Kotori is such a wonderfully sweet and caring person, she's kind and caring to everyone she comes in contact with and is so passionate about everything she does. She's the kind of person that puts others first and is always there for a friend in need. I find her truly admirable and find myself really wanting to be more like her, she's so lovely and sweet it honestly melts my heart. She's such an inspiration for me and I love her so much for that. 

I really hope as many people as possible can enjoy what Kotori has to bring, she's such a delight <3 

Again a big happy birthday to the shining birb idol (・8・)