Sept. 15, 2019, 6:12 p.m.



Ah, I’ve made this in August, because I wanted to draw Kotori so bad! My baby bird <3 I love the flower set, it's very stylish, and it fits Kotori-chan so well! Also the background, I feel like I try too hard with my backgrounds. You know my signature polka dots and laces? Lol, yeah. Imma get rid of that, a simpler background feels more professional. lol


I also translated parts of Kotori's solo, Spicaterrible into Hungarian, since that is my first language! (I actually did this instead of writing my English paper for my final exam, so pray for me, lol) It was worth it though since I realize how beautiful these lyrics are truly! A very passionate song for a very passionate little birb. (・8・)

Happy Birthday, Kotori! chun-chun~