Sept. 13, 2019, 9:30 p.m.


quick doodle of Houkago Clover's producer guy, Kagura Yuuichirou (3rd yr), cause he's in the chibis I'm making for meme tomfoolery and I should probably introduce him first!

when I first mentioned him, I called him Yuuichi, but somehow I ended up always referring to him as Yuuichirou, so that's his name now. friends still call him Yuuichi for short. by "friends" I mean Sai started it and then the rest of HC kinda got used to it. he doesn't really mind or care.

his uncle is part of the group producing HC from the outside, and he was tasked to watch over them while at school so that the company doesn't have to butt in any more than necessary. Yuuichirou takes that work seriously and usually has everything scheduled out perfectly, which is a huge help with everyone's busy lives and idol activities, but ... well ...

he's very stern and no-nonsense ... less kind people might say he has a stick so far up his butt it's surprising it isn't coming back out of his mouth every time he speaks. Sai knows him from her student council days, but unlike her, he didn't quit and is now in charge of budgeting for the council. he's the type of person who'd major in business & economics because it's closest to his definition of "fun".

because of his uptight attitude and adamancy about following the rules, he's an absolute bore to be around. which made him insecure about his own social skills, but when it comes to trying to fix that and loosen up a little, he comes up short. at his core, he's really just nervous about everything going right and it leads to him becoming extremely careful, which kind of evolved into, well, this, and it's really not helping him becoming any more easygoing anytime soon.

his closest friends are HC and even that's stretching it; Sai would probably call him a friend, but they're more close acquaintances. Anzu's relationship with him is purely professional, to the point where they've only had one (1) conversation that wasn't about the club and that one was about the student council. Ringo and him clash a lot when she's not sold on the ideas management brought up and their relationship is rather strained.

as for Aoi? he has a crush on her and absolutely no idea what to do with it please help him