Aug. 8, 2019, 2:42 a.m.

Hello! This is my first post here and what's a better way to start than to talk about Chika, a character that means a lot to me and has done so much for me.

A big reason I've really stayed with the Love Live franchise instead of losing interest like i do with a lot of other shows i watch is because of Chika. I really love her personality how she's positive, determined and always seems to give it her all. I love how she's always looking out for the rest of Aqours and doing her best to be a good leader and how she never gives up on her dream.

When she first saw µ's and wanted to shine like they did but she kept failing, when the power went out on her first live show or when, even though they all tried so hard and yet they got 0 votes, even if it was hard she kept going and i really admire that, it's not easy when everything seems to be against you achieving your dream to still keep trying despite that.

At first like Chika i struggled with finding a dream, but eventually i did find something that i loved doing however it didn't work out, i was so excited for it and had struggled before but i just thought now that i finally found something everything would work out. But i tried again and then again but every time it would end the same way and over the years i started giving up more and more until i just felt lost and that my dream would never come true.

Around this time i re-watched sunshine and i was reminded of Chika, struggling in the same way i was and how she didn't give up, she always got back up. It inspired me to try again but instead of doing the same thing that hadn't been working I'm trying something new it'll take another few years but I'm still optimistic about it.

Watching Chika get up again and again in order to make her dream come true despite what life keeps throwing at her has inspired me to do the same, even when i feel like there's no point anymore and i feel like my dream will never come true.

I definitely never thought a girl from an idol anime would help me this much but I'm grateful for it, Thank you so much Chika and it's a few days late but Happy Birthday i hope you'll keep inspiring me like u always have. ChikaFanAwards2019