Aug. 12, 2019, 4:07 a.m.


Happy birthday Honoka! You were the first idol that introduced me to every others idols, you were the first idol i loved deeply and made me realize a lot of thing about me that changed my destiny for sure Here's my gift for you I love you, Honoka

Honoka is the girls that made me realize the most thing about myself and changed my life at a point I may not be here anymore if I haven't met her She's the girl that made me realized my sexuality and how I really am She's the girl that make me smile every time I feel bad or get really anxious She's my life savior Honoka, I love you so much, Thank you for everything ♥

During my scouting for her box, I had 570 gems I farmed in 15 days, I got both her URs limited and her Pool UR! They're so lovely I'm really REALLY glad fufu



Also here's my Honoka's merch! Sadly her omanjyu didn't arrive in time T_T


Happy Birthday Honoka, my most dearest girl I hope you get all the bread you want in the world!

Love, Chiyuu