Aug. 12, 2019, 4:13 a.m.

This is my submission for the HonokaFanAwards2019.

It's of my first successful drawing of Honoka which I'm still proud of months later and even though it's required I just want to say why I'm proud of this drawing and a bit on why I love Honoka so much.

I first watched LL in mid 2017 and like a lot of show I like I tried to do a drawing of it after I finished it of my favourite character in this case Honoka however no matter how many times I tried I just could never do it and eventually gave up.

Then over next year I started to get involved in LL more espically the community where I made and continue to make some awesome friends. This helped turn Honoka from a character I liked into one of my all time favourites, reading her SIF stories and just everything else got me to appreciate her determination and never give up personality that just made me happy when she was on.

So again I tried to do a drawing of her and I still just couldn't do it I kept trying on and off until again I just stopped. Then finally in April of this year I tried one more time and this time I did it, just like Honoka I kept trying and I finally did it! This drawing is still one months later I look back on and I'm happy with it and that very rarly happens. it was a small achivement but I kept fighting on and I eventually did it and it makes me happy that I finally got to do a drawing of one of my favourite characters that I feel does them justice.

Okay that was way longer and a bit more cliche then I intended but oh well I guess. But just one last thing to say Happyy birthday Honoka, Faito Dayo!!!